Hi! I am Sarah Buckhannon, and I am the creator, developer, founder, publisher, aka everything to FeroshChickDaily.com, and FeroshChick.com My Story: I am a young married mother of three beautiful children, and an entrepreneur! I have always had a unique style and very am very selective when I go shopping. I love to wear unique things that you don't see everyday. Basically, you will never find a boring or plain piece of clothing anywhere in my closet. I would go shopping for hours and come home with hardly anything, and I got tired of finding the same stuff in every store I went to, with a different tag. That is when I decided to open my own women's clothing store (FeroshChick.com). My clothing became a huge hit, and I am in the midst of building my empire. All of my life not only have I gained expertise in fashion, but also in health and beauty. I usually am the "go to" for all related questions. I have obtained so much knowledgeable information over the years. That is when I decided to create Ferosh Chick Daily. My online mag ran exclusively by me. Ferosh Chick Daily was created so I can share all of my findings with like minded woman. Whats the point of having all this information if I can't share it with everyone. So please Enjoy!