Kylie Jenner Hair

Kylie Jenner Hair



Its no secret that we at Ferosh Chick are a fan of Kylie Jenner's every changing style. Her style is always different and on edge, who wouldn't want to follow that? But  one of the main points of her changing style is, you guys it, the Kylie Jenner Hair.

Kylie pretty much knocks it the hair game out of the park. I also can't believe how many hair looks she is able to pull off. Pulling off so many colors and cuts for one person isn't easy to achieve unless you have a high profile stylists that knows what they are doing. Not to mention usually one person can't find that many looks they can actually pull off.

A lot of people run to the stylists and say "hey, I want Kylie Jenner hair", but think hard. Just because she is able to pull it off, doesn't mean you will be able to pull off Kylie Jenner hair. Believe me, I have almost done the same.

Lets take a look at a few of our favorite Kylie Jenner hair looks.


The Long Turquoise Tresses


Kylie Jenner Blue Hair


My favorite- The Teal Ombre


kylie jenner teal ombre


The long dark brown to silver tresses (LOVE this one) Many dark haired girls could pull this off.


Kylie Jenner Hair


The Blonde Kylie

 Kylie Jenner


All Dark Bob Cut

Kylie Jenner bob

Okay, so I am pretty sure you figured it out. Kylie can rock just about any cut and color she wants and we envy that.
If you found our page after looking for some hair inspiration don't forget to check back as we will be adding more to our Kylie Jenner Hair Lookbook.



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