10598345_324768351030817_1310463076_n I think I finally realized why I love Britt Nilsson, from The Bachelor so much... Other from the fact that she is a down to earth gal, she is also from my hometown, Detroit, Michigan. There are so many things about Britt's style that I love. She is sporty yet trendy with how she styles herself. I have already covered her signature red sneakers, you can read more about that here. The signiature lipstick Britt gets her matte lipsticks from Wet N' Wild Cosmetics. Not only are they fully pigmented, but they cost only a few bucks! Now that is a steel! Try Velvet Red, to get the red lips Britt often is seen supporting. What about those earrings? A lot of you are wondering where they can get earrings comparable, so I did the work for you. il_570xN.567211161_c8pr This is my favorite comparison
  • Drop Earring - Long Earrings -Turquoise Earring-Here $28.50

  • Drop Earring -Turquoise Jewelry - Bachelor - Boho- Here $26.35

I really can not find any cheaper comparable options. If you know if any please feel free to comment below   Now that stunning red dress.... #Fashion #Brittforbachelorette #TheBachelor So have any of you seen the episode where she was eliminated? She had on this amazing red dress with gold detail and it looked absolutely stunning. While I was out shopping the other day I found it! So for all of you who loved it as much as I did, here you go! Get It Here 99b1e7d46ddbef05becbda9bde5d49c8 Want me to add any other great pieces from Britt Nilsson's trendy style? Comment below. Check out my other post about Britt Nilsson HERE XoXo, Sarah (Editor-In-Chief)

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