Pixelated-Hair-Is-Now-a-Thing-400x242Coloring hair is the leading style area to experiment with new looks. In 2014 the hottest new hair trend was the ombre. It’s time for something new and its here. Pixelated contouring was created by three Spanish hair dressers. You could use diverse shades of your own natural color, or try something adventurous and spice it up with some hot pinks, blues or anything your heart desires. This look would work best with short, straight and structured styles where the texture and any movement are minimal to get the best effect. This would show the detail of the coloring off best. Up keep on coloring like this would be difficult, try it on edges of hair to be easily trimmed off it need be. One of the world’s largest beauty brands, Revlon, recreated the look for its newest campaign. This is bringing more buzz and attention to the new trend. Now would you dare try pixelating your hair?

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