Okay... lets be real. In 2014 every other female was rockin' the ombre or dip dyed do. For those of you who are wondering what dip dyed hair looked like, in our words it looks like a poorly done ombre attempt. Even though it was a trend, its a trend that died in 2014. 2015 Hair Style Trends - To ombre or dip dye In 2015 you will start seeing the subtle (aka natural look) ombre strands rockin' the streets and runways. So far what we have learned in 2015.. 2015 will be the year of the  au naturel. Even facial contouring is going more subtle and natural this year. Say goodbye to those harsh contour lines and dip dyed dos, and don't be afraid to be bold. The ombre hair color fits almost every young generation female, and facial shape. So don't be afraid for change. 2015 is the year of change and if your going back and fourth..take our advice and just go for it ladies!



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