The best part about the new year is the new fashion trends, including hair! It almost feels like a fresh start for us all and have an excuse for new bold changes. I don't know what it is about the new year, but I feel much more up for a drastic change with my look than mid year. Here are the hottest hair styles trending this 2015, say what!
  • Vibrant colors- Are one of the hottest trends continuing in 2015. The best part about it is if your afraid to color your hair (like myself) because you know there are days where you don't want to rock it, just pop in some extensions! You can find vibrant colored clip in extensions in almost any shade.
  • Short textured, bedhead hair- Do you ever wish you could roll out of bed and just head it without spending an hour or more on your hair? Well guess what your in luck this year! The messy texture short cut is one you will see many women rocking for 2015.
  • The extra short bob- Bobs just under the chin are going to be all over the runways and streets this year. Not everyone can pull it off like a shoulder length bob, but it is amongst the edgiest cuts you will see this year.
  • 70's Fringe Bangs- Say bye to the straight chopped bangs that ruled in 2014, and hello to the wispy fringed bangs for 2015. These bangs were pretty popular in the 70's and finally has made a come back.

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