Winter Fashion - 10 Must Haves

Winter Fashion - 10 Must Haves


Winter Fashion



Whether we like it or not winter is on the way, but if you ask us- the best part about it is Winter Fashion. Women are now looking out for the trends ahead of time instead of just purchasing whatever is on sale during the winter season like we used to do.

There are so many comfortable edgy winter styles but here are our 10 Must Haves.


Heel Lace Up Booties


Lace Up Heel Platform Booties


Flare Jeans - Zara


Zara Flare Jeans


Quilted Faux Leather Moto Jacket - Nordstrom


Quilted Faux Leather Moto Jacket


Double Breasted Vest Dress (Add some Moto Leggings for the perfect Look)- Ferosh Chick


Double Breasted Vest Dress

 High Rise Skinnies - Rag and Bone

High Rise Skinnies



Notch Collar Faux Fur Coat



Faux Fur Coat


Winter Feather Earrings - Etsy Seller


Feather Earrings


Large Moto Drawstring Crossbody - Rebecca Minkoff


Large Moto Drawstring Crossbody

Border Print Women's Fringe Cardigan - Full Tilt


Border Print Womens Fringe Cardigan


Drop the Game Choker ( I NEED this right now) - Nasty Gal


Drop the Game Choker


Here is our quick Winter Fashion must haves! Hope you enjoyed, now get to shopping!


November 01, 2015 by Sarah Buckhannon
Kylie Jenner Hair

Kylie Jenner Hair

Kylie Jenner Hair



Its no secret that we at Ferosh Chick are a fan of Kylie Jenner's every changing style. Her style is always different and on edge, who wouldn't want to follow that? But  one of the main points of her changing style is, you guys it, the Kylie Jenner Hair.

Kylie pretty much knocks it the hair game out of the park. I also can't believe how many hair looks she is able to pull off. Pulling off so many colors and cuts for one person isn't easy to achieve unless you have a high profile stylists that knows what they are doing. Not to mention usually one person can't find that many looks they can actually pull off.

A lot of people run to the stylists and say "hey, I want Kylie Jenner hair", but think hard. Just because she is able to pull it off, doesn't mean you will be able to pull off Kylie Jenner hair. Believe me, I have almost done the same.

Lets take a look at a few of our favorite Kylie Jenner hair looks.


The Long Turquoise Tresses


Kylie Jenner Blue Hair


My favorite- The Teal Ombre


kylie jenner teal ombre


The long dark brown to silver tresses (LOVE this one) Many dark haired girls could pull this off.


Kylie Jenner Hair


The Blonde Kylie

 Kylie Jenner


All Dark Bob Cut

Kylie Jenner bob

Okay, so I am pretty sure you figured it out. Kylie can rock just about any cut and color she wants and we envy that.
If you found our page after looking for some hair inspiration don't forget to check back as we will be adding more to our Kylie Jenner Hair Lookbook.



November 01, 2015 by Sarah Buckhannon
Gigi Hadid to Walk the Victoria Secret Runway Show

Gigi Hadid to Walk the Victoria Secret Runway Show

gigi hadid victoria secret





Its not a surprise we love the Hadid Sisters, and I nearly fell off the couch when I heard the news. Its completely official, Gigi Hadid will walk the Victoria Secret Runway! She will walk along the side of some other popular models like Sara Sampaio,Erin Heatherton and Lily Aldridge. Gigi and Bella Hadid have worked with Victoria Secret modeling for their Pink Collection, but this will be her first runway with them. I am already wondering if I wonder  Bella Hadid will make it next year? Fingers Crossed for her.



Earlier this month it was announced that Rihanna, Selena Gomez and The Weekend (we love The Weekend) will be performing at the Victoria Secret Runway Show which airs December 8th at 10pm EST on CBS.



October 30, 2015 by Sarah Buckhannon

Kylie Jenner's Boho Chic Style

Kylie Jenner Boho Chic



Kylie Jenner is taking over the Kardashian World and becoming the leading lady in the Kardashian Klan for good reason. Her style is among one of the top reasons for her gaining popularity. She has no fear of experimenting with different looks and entertaining different styles... but one of our favorite style of Kylie's is her Boho-chic-style. For those of you who are familiar with our store that should be no surprise to you.

Before I get going on my favorite looks from Kylie, I just learned her and Kendall have their own line! I checked it out and it seems pretty amazing. Here is their Las Rebeldes Collection exclusively at PacSun. (no, I was not paid for this :). Its not the biggest assortment we've seen but there are a few blog worthy pieces I would like to throw at you. A few of my favorites from Kendall and Kylies collection are:

Kendall & Kylie Bell Sleeve Cold Shoulder Romper

$49.95- 5 Star Reviews

Kylie Bell Sleeve RomperBell sleeve romper back

Kendall & Kylie Fringe Trim Hooded Poncho


Kylie Fringe Trim Hooded Poncho Kylie Hooded Poncho

Kendall & Kylie Indigo Ripped Moto Mid RiseSkinny Jeans


 Kylie Indigo Ripped Moto Mid Rise Skinny Jeans  Kylie Indigo Ripped Moto Mid Rise Skinny Jeans

I was pretty impressed overall with their little collection. I like how simple and chic it is, and not too crazy.

Now moving on to our little Kylie Lookbook. Here is some of our favorite boho-chic looks from Kyle Jenner:

Kylie Jenner at CoachellaKylie at CoachellaKylie and Kendall JennerKylie Jenner PosingKylie Jenner Looks 

Thank you for reading and don't forget to subscribe!

XO Sarah Elle

October 25, 2015 by Sarah Buckhannon

How To: Master the Bohemian Style Trend

The idea behind Bohemian Style, clothing and whole getup can sometimes be confused with the modern hippie. However, Bohemian Style stems from the modern day Gypsy and free spirit wrapped all in one. Our favorite part about mastering the Boho Style is the level of comfortableness and level of fashion.

Bohemian Style is much different than the traveling gypsy's you're probably thinking of. Try to clear your mind and get "My big fat gypsy wedding" out of your head. Time to clear those thoughts.

Learning the Bohemian must have essentials actually are quite easy. Bohemian Style is all about loose fitting, flow-y dresses, head wraps, accessory overload, and hats. To master the look takes a little trial and error by playing up with your pieces. One of the greatest parts of the boho look is that you can play up with all the pieces and recreate many different looks just with a few pieces.

Don't forget to checkout all of our Boho Clothing  to see all the different pieces that might be worth investing in even on a budget.

Time to get shoppin' babes!

October 12, 2015 by Sarah Buckhannon

10 reasons why the Boho Clothing trend is for you

Boho clothing is a mix of hippie, gypsy, and free spirited clothing. The boho clothing trend is sort of a collaboration stemming back from generations that was re birthed in the 21st century as a more modern boho-chic revamp.ferosh chick

The boho trend is growing in popularity and isn't going anywhere anytime soon. The best part about boho clothing is you can form so many different looks just by minimizing or adding accessories. I like to experiment with different looks and see what I can come up with.

One of my favorite things about the boho clothing trend is the comfortable, loose fitting options. I sometimes have a hard time wearing clothing that is super tight and find myself wearing things that are comfortable as well as cute (duh!).

Have you been wondering if the new boho trend is up your alley? .... Need more convincing? Check out these looks and see for yourself why you need to switch up your look.

boho clothing


boho tattoos

bohemian clothing

Now lets get to it....

10 reasons why the Boho Clothing Trend is For you.


1) have a free spirit and love all positive vibes

2) live for summer and hide in the winter

3) love comfortable clothing

4) dislike wearing skin tight clothes

5) are obsessed with life, nature and your surroundings

6) like wearing tons of accessories 

7) tend to pull toward neutral earthy tones but might be secretly obsessed with the color black

8)like to switch up your look

9) like to wear flowy whimsical clothing

10) you live by the sun and love like the moon

Okay hippies, made up your mind? We hope you are now obsessed with the boho look as much as we are.


October 03, 2015 by Sarah Buckhannon

Boho Chic Style Guide

Boho Chic is the style known from Bohemian and Hippie influences from back when. Bohemian anything has become and is still topping the hottest go to trends. The best part is almost anyone can rock it. Boho Chic is all about looking natural, and used (in an odd sort of way). Originally, boho is a young style, having originated as such in the ‘60s. It is the style of artist, free spirited and beautiful relaxed people.  So it’s the style of the artists, the style of free and beautiful people and just the style of those, who want to be free. Now Lets get down to the basic points to follow. We know how much you love getting outfit inspo from social media and fashion magazines, but sorting through looks to find a style you can find yourself rockin can be harder than it sounds. The best part about dressing Boho Chic is that you can throw many different things together to make an outfit. It isn't all about color coordination, but what looks freakin amazing together.

The Key Fashion Tips to Follow

  • Wearing natural colored fabrics and textures such as suede, leather, cotton, denim and so on
  • Multiple Layers! This is one of my favorites because I love layering anyways, but it is a MUST when dressing Boho Chic
  • Platform, wedged shoes, or your favorite suede or leather boots.
  • Dressing Boho is all about comfort and natural earthy tones (always remember).
  • Accessories, accessories, and more accessories. Shoot for layers of Boho Jewelry including bracelets, necklaces, earrings, head bands, rings, arm cuffs.
  • Floral patterns, earthy patterns, unusual prints and patterns
  • High waist Jeans, maxi skirts, kimonos
  • Lace everything
  • Hair Styles: Wavy Hair, beach waves, long Tresses, Big high ponys, and braids

Pretty Basic: The Boho-Chic Style

When talking about boho styles there are a few other styles that sometimes confuse many of us. Bohemian style is a mix of Vintage and hippie styles divided into different groups.

  • If you want a more sleek boho look you can do so looking a little more polished and pairing the right items together.
  • Go for a romantic look with some flowy Chiffon material and anything lace
  • Dress like a boho Hippie by incorporating some bright colors with your look.
  • If you want to be down right, straight up "Bohemian" then opt for an arm full of bracelets, bangles, rings, headbands, braids, and tassled hair.

The best part about dressing Boho-Chic is you will almost never repeat the same outfit. You can throw so many different things together to switch up your look

The Basic Components to Boho-Chic Style

Choice of Garments

One of the easiest ways of going boho is including simple vintage looking clothing into your style. The best garments to have are Boho Dresses, Maxi Dresses, kimonos, asymmetrical tops, unique prints and patters, earthy tones, crochet tops, oversize tops, faux fur vests, among many others. Cardigans and Sweaters are another easy garment to switch up your look, trending Now are Aztec pattern cardigans.


As for the boho style shoes,  the best types of footwear that you will need are wedges, fringe boots , flats, ethnic print sandals. Remember to shoot for neutral earthy tones, and brown might become your go to color.

Boho Accessories

Yes, my favorite, Accessories! Boho Jewelry such as midi rings, ring sets, bracelets, cuffs, necklaces. Vintage Style Sunglasses are an absolute must. Add some colorful scarves, fedoras and head bands to perfect your boho-chic look.

August 25, 2015 by Sarah Buckhannon

Recipe: Healthy Protein Cookie Dough

cookie dough

For the love of all cookies you MUST read this!

I have loved cookies since I can remember, but now that I am trying to maintain my weight and eat healthier I found this amazing recipe for all you cookie monsters out there as myself.
The ingredients are fairly simple and the cookies are a highly addicting alternative--so try it and let me know what YOU think!
I know what a lot of you are thinking...(Chickpeas?! Really!)

 Don't knock it until you've tried it!

Healthy Protein Cookie Dough

  • 1 15-oz. can of chickpeas
  • ½ cup creamy peanut butter
  • 2 Tbsp agave syrup
  • 1 Tbsp maple syrup
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • ½ cup dark chocolate chips or sweet cacoa nibs
  1. Combine chickpeas, peanut butter, agave, maple, and vanilla in a food processor and blend until smooth.
  2. Transfer your “dough” into a mixing bowl and stir in chocolate ships by hand.
  3. Chill in the fridge or freezer until cold. Note: This treat tastes much better chilled than at room temperature.
…And enjoy! Are you going to give this healthy treat a try?  

How to: Drink more water

  Drink More Water                                                       Photo Source: Mamashealth I know how important it is to stay well hydrated, but drinking enough water has always been a huge struggle. The last time I had very good water drinking habits was when I worked a 9-5 and worked at a desk all day. Now things have drastically changed for me. I am an entrepreneur and full time mom, that is always running all over the place. Not drinking enough water can have a huge impact on our health- Mentally, internally and physically. Not being hydrated can make you look 10 years older-- Some of you could save thousands in fillers and botox a year if you were hydrating properly. After seeing before and after pictures of women that committed to drinking the calculated recommend intake for their body it inspired me to get my act together. The before and after photos were almost unbelievable- then I remember how plush and young my skin looked back when I was well hydrated. So I came up with this little trick My Water Drinking Rule My goal was to drink at least 3 liters (about 100 ounces) of water a day. So the rule I came up with is that I must drink a liter of water before each meal (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). I have a big 1-liter bottle that I refill to make it easy to keep track. When I wake up I drink one liter of water before I let myself eat breakfast. Since I usually and hungry in the morning it really keeps me motivated to drink it pretty quickly. Remember that coffee and caffeinated beverages do dehydrate you so if you decide to indulge in these make sure you make up for it by drinking a little more water. After breakfast you should go ahead and start on the second liter, and you have until lunch time to finish it.Then, same goes for dinner- before dinner is finished I finish my third liter. It will take some time but once your on track it will be so easy and natural to you. Added Bonuses -You will find yourself eating less from being more full on the water (if that's an issue for you) -Clearer skin -More energy -Look up to 10 years younger -Flush out nasty toxins Is drinking water a struggle for you too? I have confidence that this little trick will help you
Xo- Sarah

Vampire Makeup Tutorial

Vampires have always been a hot subject, and when you mix it in with trendy makeup tutorials only amazing things are bound to happen. I am very picky when it comes to makeup tutorials, and I dislike seeing the same looks over and over. However, I am completely impressed with this tutorial and in love with the look! P.S. You're Welcome :) Hair Tutorial by Nikki Tutorials   Comment if you like pink! XO Sarah