Miami Swim Week & What You Need To Know

Miami Swim Week & What You Need To Know

If any destination in the U.S. knows anything about swimwear, its Miami. Miami locals are killin' the swimwear game. The Annual Miami Swim Week showcases beach-side killer styles that will make you want to amp up your swimsuit game. All we have to say is get ready... The 2018 swimwear collections hitting local stores and boutiques will not disappoint. 

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Now what you really need to know..

One of our favorite highlights was the domination of plus-sized models that owned the runway at Miami Swim Week. The idea that plus size models are gaining recognition in their beautiful bodies to show everyone you can kill the swimwear game, or any game for that matter, being any size. Full figured and plus-size women represent a huge portion of our nation. The fact that it took this long to happen in the fashion realm is mind blowing. But hey - It happened!

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July 30, 2017 by Sarah Buckhannon