How To: Master the Bohemian Style Trend

The idea behind Bohemian Style, clothing and whole getup can sometimes be confused with the modern hippie. However, Bohemian Style stems from the modern day Gypsy and free spirit wrapped all in one. Our favorite part about mastering the Boho Style is the level of comfortableness and level of fashion.

Bohemian Style is much different than the traveling gypsy's you're probably thinking of. Try to clear your mind and get "My big fat gypsy wedding" out of your head. Time to clear those thoughts.

Learning the Bohemian must have essentials actually are quite easy. Bohemian Style is all about loose fitting, flow-y dresses, head wraps, accessory overload, and hats. To master the look takes a little trial and error by playing up with your pieces. One of the greatest parts of the boho look is that you can play up with all the pieces and recreate many different looks just with a few pieces.

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Time to get shoppin' babes!

October 12, 2015 by Sarah Buckhannon